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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Services

Effectively managing your company’s intellectual assets will lead to financial and strategic benefits. Whether you seek to increase revenues and lower costs or improve your company’s competitive advantage, InovativSolutions can help you identify and measure the potential benefits of investing in an Intellectual Asset Management program. Intellectual Property Services encompasses the process of creating and extracting value from your intellectual assets consistent with your organization’s overall strategic goals through our

  • Patent application and prosecution
  • Intellectual asset management 
  • Licensing and technology transfer 
  • Valuation 
  • Litigation assistance


Patent Practice

Patent protection for inventions is more significant today than at any other time in history. The information revolution is resulting in rapid and unforeseen discoveries in nearly every useful technology. Discoveries are being made are increasing at an astounding rate. The patent laws of the United States, promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing to inventors, for limited times, the exclusive right to their discoveries. No other person has the right to make, use, offer to sell or import the invention covered by the patent without the patent owner’s permission.

United States patents may be obtained upon submission of an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office relating to a process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter. There are two basic kinds of patent applications: provisional and non-provisional. A provisional patent application is an interim application, which is a relatively inexpensive way to establish a filing date and may serve important defensive purposes. A provisional application is not examined and does not mature into a patent, but may be converted into a non-provisional patent application. 

Non-provisional applications can mature into a patent after being subjected to an examination process which determines if the subject matter claimed in the application is new, useful and non-obvious and whether the application meets certain statutory description and enablement requirements United States patents are effective only within the United States, its territories and possessions. However, international patent protection is available. In many countries, the benefit of an earlier-filed U.S. application can be obtained through international conventions and treaties. There are 3 basic types of patents:

1. UTILITY PATENTS, which protect useful processes, machines, articles of manufacture and compositions of matter; 

2. DESIGN PATENTS, which protect against the unauthorized use of new, original and ornamental designs for articles of manufacture; and 

3. PLANT PATENTS, which protect invented or discovered, asexually reproduced plant varieties.

After you have checked the industry’s marketplace yourself and feel that there is a market for your invention, we will review with you your disclosure (a description in your own words – not necessarily technical terminology), sketch and verbal inputs at a personal consultation appointment.

Specialists in both patent law and technology at InovativSolutions evaluate the patentability of inventions in many technologies, obtaining patents, and defending the rights of patent owners.

InovativSolutions is committed to providing the highest quality of patent services available. We provide Intellectual Property Services in


Independent Evaluation 

  • • Technical Feasibility
  • • Patentability
  • • Other Factors

Full Patenting Services

  • • Prior Art Searches
  • • Patent Applications
  • • Patent Prosecution


  • • Identification of Inventions
  • • Invention Record-Keeping Requirements
  • • Custom Seminars
  • • Experimentation and Analysis

Intellectual Asset Management 

Are you maximizing the value locked away in your Intangible Assets?

We help our clients create or quickly and efficiently identify revenue-enhancing opportunities from their existing intellectual property portfolios. We look for the most likely candidates and make decisions for licensing or other commercialization strategies. These decisions are best supported by appropriate strategy and information, along with investments in the right people, processes, systems, and technology. We address these key components by analyzing specific issues and providing answers to critical questions. We work with you to:

  • Organize and sort your portfolio into technology classes 
  • Screen the patents within each technology class, identifying technologies with high potential value for immediate attention,
    the low potential value for possible abandonment and unknown value for future evaluation 
  • Perform technical and market assessments on high-value technologies 
  • Develop licensing or other commercialization strategies and provide licensing negotiation assistance

Licensing and Technology Transfer

After obtaining patent protection a patent owner may profit handsomely by selling or licensing the invention covered by the patent or other intellectual property e.g. copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, know-how or registered designs.

Licensing or assignment of the patent or other intellectual property rights is frequently a key element of commercial exploitation of ideas and new products. Intellectual property license agreements are contracts between the owner of a property right and one or more users of the property. Licenses can contain options. They can be exclusive or non-exclusive. The number of possible license arrangements and terms is practically limitless.

The worlds of science and commerce have different, but overlapping objectives. The overlap between these worlds is in the area of technology. Technology is how science becomes applied; technology is how commerce develops new, improved applications. This fundamental nature of technology means that the rate at which technology develops is directly proportional to the quality of the interaction between these two worlds.

Technology Transfer is the process of facilitating the relationship between academia and industry, allowing ideas to flow or be transferred both ways and resulting in the development of technologies. This benefits the public by introducing new and better products for the improvement of quality of life. The national economy benefits as these technologies mature to grow their own industry and contribute to other sectors of the economy as well.

Creating or obtaining suitable licenses is extremely important in the context of the current commercial environment. Inovativsolutions handles licensing agreements including negotiations, drafting and interpreting. Our specialists have expertise in negotiating and drafting intellectual property licenses and assignments including patent, trademark and copyright agreements and research and development agreements. Our knowledge of intellectual property law and the underlying technology forms a solid foundation to create mutually beneficial relationships between licensees and licensors. Our services include:

  • • Definition of field(s) of use
  • • Drafting of Licensing Agreements 
  • • Determination of royalties 
  • • Negotiation 

Litigation Assistance

We assist clients in assessing and minimizing risk and damage exposure before disputes occur. And should litigation involving the alleged infringement and/or theft of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other intellectual assets arise, we assist by evaluating lost profits and reasonable royalty damages, providing a critical challenge to opposing party’s damages claims and providing litigation support and expert testimony when needed.

Valuation Services

Intangible Assets

Inovativsolutions can help you determine the value of your intellectual assets so you can manage them accordingly. Our services include the

  • • Valuation of propriety technology
  • • Technical know-how
  • • Product designs
  • • In-process technology/R&D
  • • Patents
  • • Trademarks
  • • Trade secrets 
  • • Copyrights


We can provide estimates of arm’s length royalty rates and fair market values for a variety of purposes including

  • • Corporate transactions 
  • • Licensing 
  • • Strategic and tax planning 
  • • Financing and 
  • • Litigation


Tangible Assets

ASCRIBE FMV (Cost, Market, Income) for

  • • Individual and collective oil field property value assessments
  • • Industrial equipment


Project Economic Evaluation

Perform fair market value property appraisals of oil and gas mineral acquisitions, divestitures, estates, gifts, donations, etc. Discounted Cash Flow analysis, Comparable Sales (Market)

  • • Net present value (NPV) 
  • • Sensitivity Analyses 
  • • Rate of Return 
  • • Risk Analysis