The Art of Business Development and Commercialization of New Technologies with Greg Jones

In this episode of We Solve Problems with James D. Bennett, II, we welcome guest Greg Jones, Corporate Finance Strategist, Former Head of Internal Corp Ventures and Business Development, Major Industrial and Airline Engine Mfg.

Tune in to this episode as Greg talks about:

  • Increasing investment in technology entrepreneurship, and challenges in commercialization
  • How competition fosters innovation, uniqueness, and customer appeal
  • Corporate investors providing research and sales channels
  • Trade secrets vs. patents, and how they provide different levels of protection
  • The importance of commercialization and refinement of value proposition

Greg Jones is a Corporate Board Trustee for Eversource Energy (NYSE: ES), Member of the Audit Committee and the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors. He is a finance and corporate strategy executive, with over 25 years of assisting public and privately held manufacturing, utilities and healthcare companies grow their businesses through organic, joint ventures and mergers and acquisition activities including capital raising and effective deployment.

Greg is an expert in finance, consulting and strategy deployment, and capital raising for Fortune 500 service and manufacturing companies including Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, United Technologies, and Tyco. As an investment banker and corporate finance executive, completed financings, raised and underwritten debt capital, and executed M & A transactions in excess of $2 Billion.

Greg is the Vice President, Strategy and Planning for community health and engagement for Hartford Healthcare, a $4 Billion integrated healthcare system in Connecticut. He is responsible for developing programs and investments addressing the social determinants of health for the system that provides a closer alignment to the markets served. As the Executive Lead for the System’s Hartford Region’s Equity Solutions Group, Greg is focused on identifying issues related to patient and staff challenges around diversity, equity and inclusion and developing and implementing solutions for the same. He is Co-Chair of Hartford Healthcare’s Supplier Diversity Council focused on improving vendor relationships with Black, Indigenous and People of Color Businesses while providing mutual benefit to the System.

Greg is the P & L Owner/General Manager and President of the New Ventures Group, establishing and commercializing and licensing new technologies into new and complementary businesses. He is responsible for development of new business lines and introducing the company brand to new markets. Greg authored Pratt & Whitney’s Effective Acquisition Integration Manual.

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