The Patent Filing Process in India Dr. Prachi Chopra

In this episode of We Solve Problems with James D. Bennett, II, we welcome Dr. Prachi Chopra, Founder and Director of Intellect Bastion LLP. Dr. Chopra is a Registered Patent Agent in India and Technology/Patent Specialist worldwide. She is also President of the Delhi Innovation Council, Professor at Bada Business Pvt. Ltd., and Advisor at Vidhya Sangha Technologies Pvt Ltd. 

Intellect Bastion is a premier Intellectual Property Research, Analytics, and Consultation firm based in Delhi, India. They specialize in various areas, including Patent Filing and Registration, Industrial Design Filing and Registration, Copyright Filing and Registration, and Trademark Filing and Registration.


Tune in to this episode as Dr. Prachi Chopra talks about:

 * The patent registration process in India — who can apply and how does it differ from other countries

 * The eligibility requirements for filing patents in India

 * How long it may take to get a patent in India and how to expedite the process

 * How India protects design patents

 * How (and if) AI-generated inventions (without human intervention) should be patented


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