Leadership and Sales Management with Brett Knopf

In this episode of We Solve Problems with James D. Bennett, II, we welcome guest Brett Knopf, Performance Coach and Business Strategist and Founder of KnopfKnows Solutions, LLC.

Tune in to this episode as Brett talks about:

  • The difference between sales leadership and sales management
  • The essential personal development needed to be an effective sales professional
  • Advice on how to build a successful team when starting a business
  • Common problems start-ups face and how to solve them through leadership and sales management
  • What Brett sees to be encouraging and discouraging on the landscape of current business leadership

Brett Knopf is a Performance Coach and Business Strategist with over two decades of experience in Leadership and Sales Management across multiple verticals. He has delivered nearly 1000 presentations over the course of his career for highly successful organizations such as United Healthcare, Equinox, and Hitachi, to name a few. Brett’s mission is to empower leaders and teams to create work environments that focus on collaboration, transparency, self-accountability and personal development in order to recruit, retain and develop elite performers at all levels of the organizations he works with. He recently published his first book, Everyday People Extraordinary Sales Success: Sales Secrets From Those Who Won Financial Freedom and Their Life Back which hit #1 Bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon.

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