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Navigate the Changing Economic Landscape with Karl Maier

In this episode of We Solve Problems with James D. Bennett, II, we welcome guest Karl Maier. Karl Maier is the author of Surfing Economic Chaos. He speaks to companies and groups about seizing opportunities offered by the economic chaos in the economy.

He has over 25 years of experience starting, managing, and advising lower middle-market companies.

Karl facilitates CEO peer advisory roundtable groups.

Tune in to this episode as Karl talks about:

  • Leveraging strategic planning for business growth
  • Labor market challenges with aging and shrinking populations, and the effect on management
  • Changing capital environments and supply chain disruptions that impact pricing and sourcing
  • The impact of AI on professional services, administration, and manufacturing
  • Aging populations and changing trade patterns disrupting the global economy
  • Consultants or peers providing insight for adapting to changes


Karl Maier founded Abunden to help business owners expand their opportunities, expand their capacity, and expand their profits.

In his various roles over the past three decades, he has been part of the leadership team in five established companies that have at least doubled sales in two years. Karl has worked in a wide range of roles including systems and processes, sales and business development, finance and accounting, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Leveraging his experiences, Karl’s book, Surfing Economic Chaos, guides companies to find new opportunities and capitalize on these opportunities.

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